Animal Crossing Trade Code Generator

Original by MooglyGuy / UltraMoogleMan

Ported to PHP by Gary Kertopermono
This is the online version of the Code Generator. With it you can generate several codes. However, some codes currently don't work. This version has aditional information.

Just choose what type of code you want. Then type the item number. You can find all the item numbers here:

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Byte 1:

Add leading space.

*Custom algorithm (expert, only used with Custom):

Add to townname
Add to playername

No data collected.

Custom algorithm usage

<bit operator>=<numeric value>

<bit operator>: The following bit operators are supported:
& = AND
| = OR
^ = XOR
<< = Shift left
>> = Shift right

<numeric value>: A decimal or hexadecimal (preceded with 0x).



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